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How Leisure Attractions like Alton Towers are using Facebook ads to skyrocket their Christmas bookings

We all know the importance of online advertising and Facebook is no exception with 1.62 billion people logging in daily. There is no denying your audience is definitely there, ripe for the picking but coming up with a killer ad that grabs attention, is memorable and actually converts can be a struggle. Especially if you are new to Facebook ads!


Alton Towers



What we like

Ad 1: Alton Towers have certainly pulled out all the stops with their flashy creatives. The video which you can watch here really highlights the magic of Christmas and puts the experience at the forefront of the viewers mind. The use of emojis helps to make the ad eye-catching and they have clearly listed some of their key attractions so people know exactly why they should look to book. 


Ad 2: This ad utilises image rather than video. It’s always good to test different creative formats when running ads as different members of your audience will respond differently. Not everyone likes watching videos, or scrolling through carousel ads so testing them all in combination is best practice. 


The ad copy also talks about ‘family’. Writing for a more defined audience segment like this will likely increase engagement as it’s more specific and the messaging will resonate better. 


What could be better

Ad 1: One of the key elements of any ad is missing here – the call to action! Tell your audience what action you want them to take and provide a link in the text too. This will dramatically increase your click-through rates. 


I would also have liked some variations of this ad focusing on different key messaging. This could have been ‘creating memories’, ‘affordability’, or perhaps ‘ hassle-free days out’. It’s important to test different messages to see what works best. 


Ad 2: Again, this needs a clear call to action. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask something of your audience, you have paid to show them the ad after all! 


Another thing that strikes me immediately is the short and unimaginative headlines. Not only is this not fully utilising the ‘digital real estate’ they are paying for in the ad, but they have missed an opportunity to test varied and engaging headlines. After all, I would rather “Stay in a magical themed Christmas resort this winter ” than book a “Christmas escape”. 


The National Marine Aquarium


What we like

Ad 1: We really like the image used in this ad, it’s bright, eye-catching and the editing makes it look like the shark is popping out the screen! They have also utilised the scope well highlighting one of their key offers. 


The ad is experience-led talking about the benefits to families in the copy and headline which also works really well! 


Ad 2: They have made sure to include one of the key benefits of visiting ‘getting up close and personal with the animals which reminds people why they should consider visiting. The description also makes good use of highlighting one of the main features of the attraction – “The UK’s largest aquarium!” 


What could be better

Ad 1: Using separate paragraphs in adverts can make them easier to read. It’s also a good way to make key points stand out from your main text. It would also have been nice to see a call to action and booking link here. 


It would also have been better to see the offer in the copy as well as the creative, this way people would be less likely to miss it and it could be used to help reinforce a call to action “Book your tickets today and all kids go half price!” 


Ad 2: You might have spotted the biggest mistake in this ad already – it’s no longer summer! Oooops! It’s important to make sure your ad copy remains up to date and relevant. These kinds of mistakes can drive your ad costs way up, cost you bookings and potentially be damaging to your brand. 


It’s great to see that a call to action has been included in this ad however it would be even better if the link was included in the copy to help click through rates. 


The other thing to notice here is the conflicting call to actions used on the button, copy and headline. Both ‘visit now’ and ‘book now’ are used. Make sure your call to action is consistent so you don’t confuse your audience. 


Tower Of London


What we like

The graphic used on this ad is ye-catching and clearly portrays the theme of The Tower Of London itself. They have used the description to help reinforce the call to action and the ad copy clearly highlights the features of their attraction.


Another thing to note here is the great use of continuity between the ad and the landing page which you can see here. It’s always important to consider your ads as part of a customer journey and not solo entities. 


What could be better

The text here is a little cluttered on the eye and hard to read. Some better spacing and paragraphs would make it easier to pick out key information. 


Even though we love this image it would be great to see them testing some photos that demonstrate what the experience is like at Christmas. They talk about the legendary ravens so perhaps it would be nice to showcase them in the ad too! 


Key Takeaways


Hopefully, these ads have given you some inspiration for your own Marketing. Remember that putting the perfect ad together isn’t always easy and it’s not always the things you expect to work best that do. The important thing is to keep it simple, speak clearly to a specific audience and make sure you showcase your attractions experience. Use the best images and videos possible, highlight key features and benefits and have a clear call to action. 

At Attracto we specialise in running Facebook ads for Leisure and Family Attractions and we have years of experience in knowing what works. We hope these tips have helped you, but if your ads need an extra boost and you fancy seeing guaranteed returns of 3x then drop us a message here.





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