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How Your Attraction Can Calculate Its Potential Facebook Ads Revenue


We get asked this question a lot, how much revenue can I expect to make from Facebook Ads? So we built a calculator to create an estimate for your venue.


You can access the calculator below: 

Click Here for Calculator 


It’s a simple calculator that’s going to make 5 estimates: ads cost per booking, profit per booking, number of bookings and predicted monthly and yearly ads revenue.  

To use the calculator, follow these steps: 


  1. Press File and Make a Copy 
  2. Enter Average Order Value 
  3. Enter Web Conversion Rate 
  4. Enter Monthly Ad Budget 
  5. Embrace the Opportunity 


Have a play around with the monthly budget row to get an idea of how different spends impact your potential bookings. 


We hope this helps you realise the true power of Facebook ads your business! If you have any questions or would like to discuss Facebook Ads, please contact us here. 

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