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Another Lockdown…?

I’m sure you’re as fed-up with hearing about Covid-19 as we are writing about it… But as Covid cases rise and pressure on the government to lockdown increases, it’s a potential that can’t be ignored. 

If we do enter a 4th lockdown, use this guide to quickly shut down your marketing activity, communicate your position with customers and make the most of the downtime that will ensue. 

1. Communicating Your Closure 

First things first, let people know. Explain why you’ve shut and clarify that you’re planning to reopen. There will undoubtedly be a lot of uncertainty in the air and that makes people uncomfortable. By providing certainty about the future of your venue, you’re planting a seed. You’re giving people something to look forward to when the lockdown ends. 

However you choose to communicate, email, social media, messenger or text, don’t be afraid to ask for something! Perhaps you want them to continue supporting you on social media, or maybe you want them to consider booking when you reopen. Whatever it is, you won’t get without asking.

2. Shutting Your Marketing Down 

Consumers hate nothing more than an inconsistent message. Before you communicate your closure, you need to pause any scheduled communications. If you’re working a couple months in advance, then there’s probably quite a few to suspend.

It’s painful, but you don’t want to invite negative attention from customers assuming you’re still open a couple of weeks down the line. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t communicate at all, just that your approach needs to change.

Whilst you’re planning your next steps, we’d recommend maintaining a social media presence that focuses on engaging with and adding value to your customer’s lives. Think, what can we do to help our community? 

3. Reducing Costs

There’s no point spending when you can’t get results and we aren’t suggesting defaulting on payments, but you need to work out where you can save money. Your marketing costs are split into three categories:

People: This is your internal team. These costs are difficult to mitigate and we have a moral responsibility to support our workers where we can.

Services: These are the fees associated with agencies, software and third parties that we accrue on a fixed basis. Remember to support your business network where you can!

Delivery: These costs are the budgets attached to any advertising activity: online, radio, print.

Make a list of these costs and spend some time cancelling the non-essentials and negotiating with suppliers. Many companies will offer payment pauses, discounts and support packages over this testing period.

By clearing out the deadweight, you’re building a stronger understanding of where your marketing spend is going. You’re likely to have a few payments you’d forgotten about. If you’re an active venue. you could be saving yourself £1000s per month; not a bad start.

4. Get Planning 

As we all know, lockdowns do eventually end. Ask yourself the simple question, are you going to be prepared for that? Is your marketing going to be on point as you erupt out of lockdown?

Not all of the venues that make it through COVID-19 will be successful longterm. But the ones that do, will be the those that have a plan to fall back on. You need to start by reviewing what has been working for you and develop that into a fully costed activity schedule. We will be providing information and guidance on how to achieve this in future blog posts.

If you have any questions about getting your Marketing in tip-top shape for the festive period then don’t hesitate to contact us

Lockdown Checklist:

  1. Communicated Your Closure 
  2. Shut Down Your Marketing 
  3. Reduced Your Costs 
  4. Marketing Planning 
  5. Sit Back & Relax

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