Top 5 Revenue Generators for Attractions

Successfully marketing your attraction requires a range of marketing activities. Each of the marketing activities we recommend excel in a variety of ways. Some are brilliant for relationship building, whilst others turbo charge your brand awareness. 

In this blog, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 revenue generating marketing activities for your venue. The list is in reverse order, meaning the revenue generating potential grows as you make your way through the list. We’d recommend checking this against your existing marketing strategy, you might be leaving revenue on the table.

Organic SOcial

When we say organic social, we mean posting on social media platforms like Instagram, but not using the paid functions like boosting posts and paid ads. The best social media platforms for venues are: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

Pre-2017, Organic Social offered huge revenue potential for venues. But in the years since, all major social media platforms have altered their algorithms to prioritise user to user created content. Partly to improve user experience, but also to encourage businesses like yours to use their ad platforms. 

Despite this, Organic Social does still offer revenue generating potential. However, it’s limited by the number of followers you have. Nine times out of ten, it’s your existing followers that will see your content. 

To increase the revenue generated by your Organic Social activity try the following: 

Competitions: Giveaways are effective ways to boost both your engagement and reach. Pairing up with other local businesses to cross promote is a great way to further increase exposure. 

Include Booking Links: Whilst they don’t need to be on every post, if you’re directly advertising an offer or booking, make it easier for your customers and include a direct link to purchase. 

Track Using UTM’s : Find out what actually converts by adding UTM’s to all links and buttons on your profile. 


Next on the list is email. When GDPR regulations were first introduced, many venues scaled back their email marketing. This turned out to be a mistake. Despite the added difficulty in growing email lists, it’s still a powerful revenue driver and communication tool.

Many venues run a simple email marketing strategy. They send out monthly or bi-monthly newsletters and leave it there. We advocate for a broader approach to email marketing. One that also includes automated email paths and B2B style prospecting. 

One of our favourite automated email paths to increase party re-bookings works as follows: Nine months after the date of the party booking, the customer is moved into a post-party list. They are then sent a chain of two emails to encourage rebooking, sometimes we including a 10% discount to reward loyalty. Popular platforms like MailChimp or cheaper alternatives like Send In Blue can be used to set these campaigns up. 

B2B prospecting for Attractions is more complex and requires its own blog. It’s a tactic we developed from our own agency marketing playbook. 

But in brief, it’s a way of communicating offers and developing partnerships with other businesses, institutions and communities. For example, imagine your Trampoline Park is running a Christmas offer for schools: 

Initially, you’d need to build a list of relevant schools and their contact details. You can either target generic contacts like, or you can spend more time identifying decision makers (LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool for this). You can either do this manually, or work with a scraping partner on a platform like Fiverr. 

Next create and send an email outlining an offer. You can use Mailchimp or something similar, but we prefer to use Lemlist as it has a higher delivery rate. It’s a great way to make new connections. 

Whilst email is a really effective tool, like Organic Social, it’s limited by the size of your dataset. Whilst our B2B tactic makes it a legitimate outreach tool, it still lacks the scope and potency that  major ad platforms possess. 

Affiliates and Influencers

We still can’t believe how many attraction venues aren’t aware of the power of Affiliate and Influencer programmes. They are so effective, that whilst ad platforms generate higher revenue figures, Affiliate and Influencers programmes offer a superior ROI multiple. 

At Attracto, we split our Affiliate and Influencer programmes into three sections: affiliate websites, affiliate programmes and influencer programmes.

Affiliate websites are third party sites that cover areas related to your venue. The types of affiliate websites we like to partner our venues with are family or corporate entertainment directories. For example: 

Whilst directory sites often have paid tiers listing creation, the majority also offer free profiles. Directories are great, because once you’ve set them up, you don’t have to do anything. 

Just sit back whilst they send your website additional and high intent traffic. To see a list of our favourite directories, check out this article. 

Affiliate programmes are schemes that offer discounts to local businesses and communities in your local area. Examples include: schools, scouts, football teams and the NHS. 

You can either offer a discount to the group, or you can even offer a referral fee for added incentive. Our B2B email outreach for venues is the perfect way to communicate your programme. Check out Boost Trampoline Park’s scheme below: 

Influencer programmes are partnerships that exchange either payments or freebies for publicity and marketing. Whilst there are many paid influencer platforms to help you find appropriate partners, for anything other than large multi-site attractions, they’re unnecessary. 

When contacting an influencer, you can either pay a fee for posts and content, or you can offer a free visit to your venue. In our experience, this direct exchange approach works best with 5000-100000 influencer profiles. 

It’s important that you really consider your relationships with influencers as partnerships. Whenever you develop your venue or release a new promotion, they can be a powerful communication tool.

Affiliate and Influencer programmes are superior to organic social and email in terms of revenue generation because they have a much wider audience base, they aren’t limited to existing customers like the previous. They are a great budget friendly option for venues that want to expand their reach quickly. 

Google & Youtube Ads

Google Ads is a powerful digital ads platform that allows you to leverage Search, Youtube and Display traffic.

The most popular function of the Google Ads platform for venues is Search ads. The corresponding ads target specific Google searches. For example, if you’re a Go-Karting track you might target “Go Karting Near Me” or “Birthday Parties”, filtered by your location. Search ads are great for increasing your overall visibility and should be a vital part of your strategy. They’re especially vital for new venues that haven’t built up their SEO profile yet. 

Next up is YouTube advertising. YouTube advertising is effective for two reasons: firstly, it’s video based, secondly, it allows a broader targeting and superior retargeting. As a bare minimum we’d recommend retargeting website visitors that haven’t converted and one targeting category, competitor traffic works really well. 

Finally, there’s display advertising. In our opinion it’s the weakest out of the three. Display ads are placed on Google partner websites. Whilst they’re great for generating awareness and traffic, conversion rates are much lower. If you’re going to use them, we’d recommend keeping them on top of your marketing funnel. 

However, you can take advantage of all three using Google’s Smart Campaign feature. Smart Campaigns enable you to take advantage of all three with one setup. The google ads algorithm then optimises your content across all three pathways. Saving you time and increasing the platform’s potency. 

Final Comments

There’s a lot in this blog that might be new to you, or seem complicated. But it’s all very achievable with hard work and dedication. If there’s anything on this list that you aren’t currently doing. We’d really recommend getting it going ASAP. 

We’re also currently writing the Ultimate Guide to Attraction Marketing. It’s going to be the world’s most in-depth, actionable and potent guide to marketing your venue. Keep an eye out over the next few months… 

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